Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mr. Frenchy Bear

So in between finishing the no-sew blanket (see prior two posts), I worked on the terry cloth bear pattern that I started before I left for Christmas.
So it's called a Towel Doll in this book and you can make either a rabbit or a bear. I had previously made a rabbit in another pattern, so I decided to go with the bear.

I hated working with the terry cloth. It kept wanting to unravel and my needle kept getting caught up in it's tiny loops.

So because the mouth part was too hard to cut out and have it look right, I just gave him a mustache for no reason. I tend to do that, I don't know why. And since I had been working on the no sew blanket, I used some scraps to give my Frenchman a scarf.

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